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Your Rome Township Treasurer Is Renee Previch:

The Township Treasurers duties and responsibilities center around statutorily assigned functions, most of which are administrative. Although many of the Treasurer's duties are carefully detailed by State Law and do not permit personal discretion, the Treasurer is a member of the Township Board with a vote equal to the other members.  

Renee Previch

Rome Township Treasurer

8147 Forrister Road

Adrian, MI 49221

(517) 265-4112


Statutory Duties include:
  • Collects real and personal property taxes
  • Keeps an account of Township receipts (revenues) and expenditures
  • Issues Township checks
  • Deposits Township revenues in approved depositories
  • Invests Township funds in approved investment vehicles
  • Collects delinquent personal property tax
  • Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting property tax
  • Collects mobile home specific tax
  • Must appoint a Deputy
  • Must post a surety bond

Upcoming Events:

Planning Commission Meeting:
Tuesday May 27,  2014
Rome Township Hall at 7:00 PM

Township Board Meeting:

Thursday May 8, 2014
Rome Township Hall at 7:00 PM

If you would like to add an item to the township board
current months agenda,  please contact
on or before the Friday preceding our meeting on the second
Thursday of each month.

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*** Trustee Betty Jo Halliwill passed away on March 7, 2014.
She was a strong advocate for what she believed was best for her township
and her community. She was passionate about maintaining the township roads.
The township board appreciates her years of service to the township as Treasurer and as Trustee.